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"We forget these women," said charity worker Lucy Rae, who introduction of online shopping came to see the exhibition with a colleague. "I do think it's quite poignant. You almost want to stand in with them to be part of it and to be one of these women." University professor Hazel Barrett, whose grandmother supported the suffragette movement, said people of all classes got involved, adding: "Just look at them, ordinary women". Sheree Davey, who came with her young son to see the display, said: "It's incredible. It inspires you to learn a bit more. "You know the basics but there's so much more to it." Victoria Taylor, a tourist visiting from Australia, said: "It's a great way to engage people. It's not confronting but it's very prominent." The Scottish Tory leader said she supported calls for posthumous pardons for the convicted women as they were simply "righting the wrong" of of an unjust law. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Ruth Davidson said: "Voting was a value judgement, not an intrinsic right." Ms Rudd, who is also minister for women and equalities, said she would consider the issue. However, she told Radio 4's Today Programme: "I must be frank, it is complicated because if you're going to give a legal pardon for things like arson and violence it's not as straightforward as people think it might be." Krista Cowman, professor of history at the University of Lincoln, said many suffragettes would "be spinning in their graves" about the idea of being pardoned.

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